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Just to give you a little background about my musical history and experience...

I started playing guitar at the age of 6 when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and I knew right then and there what I wanted to do with my life.  (Along with being a star quarterback, race car driver, 007 spy, ….. yea, I dreamed big!)


I was blessed to have parents who encouraged me to play, bought me my first guitars, sent me to lessons, along with my older brother and sister who introduced me to the greatest music, Pop, Rock, Blues, Motown, Woodstock, the works….


While I consider myself to be mostly a Rock / Blues guitarist, I have had the great privilege of studying Jazz and Classical from several master guitarists throughout my life, as well as many years of experience, from playing with friends in garage bands up to performing at great venues with top professional musicians.  


So, one of the ways I get to pay back my mentors is by paying forward the knowledge bestowed on me.  Teaching music, helping others to bring this gift to light is one of the best things I do with my life and it brings me great joy.


Though I have taken lessons from many  guitarist in my lifetime, too many to list, I am so grateful to have studied with these following New Jersey Legendary guitarists; Mike Santiago, Harry Leahey, Ted Dunbar, Lou Melia, Vic Juris. Each one brilliant in their own right as musicians and the best as teachers. They taught me not only to play guitar but also to teach in a fun positive atmosphere. I also had the pleasure of attending courses at Berklee College of Music in Boston.


It is important for me to mention that though I am very knowledgeable and educated with music theory, reading, etc., as any accomplished musician will tell you , “ Using Our Ears Is The Most Important Tool We Have “. Getting down to business and learning all the great Rock and Blues riffs from our guitar heros is invaluable.  


I am a combination of being self taught as well as being taught!

That is really an important concept to grasp. When I teach, I am very in tune with not just spoon feeding information to my students but to encourage them to explore, create, be themselves and not just a clone of me, yet, I am always willing to share any and everything I know.





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