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I take this responsibility very seriously. Planting those first seeds in a child's mind, and nurturing them into loving the instrument is everything.

It takes a lot of time and effort to learn to play guitar, but it should still remain fun and enjoyable. From your very first lesson, that is my main goal – to provide you with the tools to succeed in your music goals while making each lesson and practice session fun.


Everyone is different. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced player, a professional or just playing for your own enjoyment, my lessons are customized to you.  No matter what age or level of experience, my whole purpose is to help you achieve the joy of playing music.


                                                                                                                                                        - Tommy

This is such a great time to learn, when the brain is really on fire and the passion for music and dreaming are strong.


Besides the obvious enjoyment of playing music, learning an instrument at this age has so many benefits, building confidence, self-esteem, instilling team work, and eventually the thrill of playing in front of an audience.  But most importantly, just to have that personal outlet, even in the privacy of their own room.  Again, every one is different and so are the rewards of playing music!


Teaching adults with careers, families & other obligations

Maybe you played in your younger years, or have always wanted to try.  Now that you are settled down you want to bring the joy of playing into your life… YES! You deserve it, and it’s never too late.

Teaching advanced players

I, myself, am on the never-ending quest to learn guitar. I have reached out to many other advanced guitarists to gain more knowledge, so do I extend my knowledge and skills to other advanced guitarist.


Besides the many years of experience playing, one of my greatest strengths is my extensive knowledge of music theory and how it is applied to the guitar.


Whether it is gaining a better understanding of advanced harmony as applied to the guitar, chord scale relationships, soloing over complex chord changes, expanding on finger style techniques, building a bigger vocabulary of blues and rock riffs, etc. I would love the opportunity to share any and everything I know with you.

Please call today for more information and to get started!


Teaching teens and young adults

The Gift of Music is for Everyone

Teaching young children