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"I have taken guitar lessons on and off with Tommy for two years...like most adults who have attempted to learn to play an instrument, my schedule is EXTREMELY hectic...what i have appreciated most about working with Tommy is his ability and willingness to work around my job and family commitments...beyond that, Tommy is genuinely passionate about his music and teaching his students, and it shows from the first lesson...Tommy is someone who will teach you not only the basics of learning guitar, but he will also teach you an appreciation for music...i hope that i am able to work with Tommy again in the future...i would recommend tommy to anyone interested in learning to play guitar..."   - David J.


"I started taking lessons with Tommy at about 11 and I am currently 17. Tommy has taught me so me so much about what it means to be a great musician. He has geared me through the beginnings of learning the guitar when I first started and made it an easy and enjoyable experience . He has so much patience and really knows how to teach, let alone play. I have learned a huge amount of information (music theory, improvising, sight reading, etc.), all the essential information that help you with playing. He has taught me how to play various styles such as rock, blues, jazz, country, and has really given me inspiration and motivation to peruse music. Tommy is so dedicated to teaching and has spent so many hours helping me get better, and recently prepare me for my journey to Berklee College of Music this past summer. He is currently helping me prepare for my music college career. I highly recommend Tommy for lessons because he is one of the best out there. I would not be where I am today with out him" - Scott T.


"I studied with Tommy several years ago while working as a high school music teacher. I was new to guitar, but had a good background in theory, etc. Tommy's knowledge and methods for teaching theory are what really put him ahead of other teachers I've encountered. Tommy uses the guitar as a means to teach MUSIC, not just how to play the latest radio hit in a garage band. Further, Tommy's knowledge about how to get the most out of the peculiarities of the instrument really helped me translate my musical experience to the guitar and still guides me in my playing several years later. I'm not studying with Tommy right now, but definitely plan to return once my life allows for it again."  - Gabe O.


"Tommy was one of the best teachers I've had in all my 21 years of living. I started taking lessons when I was 12 years old all the way up until I left for college. He taught me more than just music, he helped me grow as a person. All the Mel Bay sheet music was worth it in the end. He helped me find my own style of guitar playing that fit me and I actually understood music theory. And not to mention, I got to play with him and his band and take my own guitar solo! Very very cool. I would highly recommend learning guitar with Tommy!"  - Julie C.


"I'm a singer-songwriter who has worked with Tommy in an effort to improve my guitar playing to abet my songwriting and my live performance. Tommy has been invaluable in helping to get me where I want to be. He's also helped me to do things that are fun, like learning covers. Great guy, great teacher."  - Greg A.

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